The Complete Guide to Crowdsourced Security Testing

Crowdsourced Security ” is today’s security trend that CISOs seem ever-more ready to adopt.

The old way of doing security has failed, and more organizations are starting to trust crowdsourced ethical hackers to help with the growing demands of cybersecurity in a world that is technologically complex and increasingly threatened. As Crowdsourced Testing Solutions, including bug bounty programs, vulnerability discovery and hacker-powered penetration testing solutions have become viable options for a growing number of security leaders in recent years, defining the landscape and describing the differences and evolution of different offerings is overdue. 

We have based the analysis in this report on the data we have gathered through thousands of tests over the last few years; including hacker demographics, hacker activity, vulnerabilities found, vulnerabilities not found (but searched for), customer demographics, customer asset data and security of those assets over time.

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