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The Data Advantage: How Analytics Reveals Key Trends in 2018 Securities Litigation

Security Litigation : Data is power in today’s world. This article outlines how your firm can take advantage of key, in-depth data to track findings and resolutions in case law to help you develop your litigation strategy.

Empowering your law firm with Legal Analytics provides powerful information to monitor, track and leverage previous case law information that can help shape your firm’s business and case strategy.

This deep dive into 2018 Security litigation report details the impact of Delaware’s recent case law in the areas of mergers and acquisitions and post-deal litigation. Discover how the flexibility and depth of powerful data analytics reveals trends and shifts in this developing new landscape.

Access this article to learn how:

  • To track the findings and resolutions of developing or established case law.
  • 3 key cases reduced the likelihood of success on breach of fiduciary duty claims and injunctions on post-deal litigation in Delaware mergers and acquisitions law.
  • These decisions only reduced such litigation within the Delaware Court of Chancery, while increasing similar litigation into federal courts.

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