Real-Time Payments

2019 Real-Time Payments Report

A Readiness Report for Financial Institutions: For the first time in more than forty years, a new payment rail has emerged in the United States. Called “real-time payments” (RTP), and created and facilitated by The Clearing House (TCH), it allows for instantaneous, secure payments between financial institutions. As countries around the world build their own real-time payment rails, RTP will have a significant impact on both the US and international markets.

Many financial institutions (FIs) are already aware of or are developing systems to support the new payment rail. Larger FIs are moving quickly towards offering RTP capabilities. Even though the majority of consumers and businesses are not yet aware of Real- time payments, some are beginning to understand the benefits of RTP as several FIs begin marketing and customer education campaigns. As RTP starts to gain ground in the North American market, it is imperative for FIs to understand the value of the new payment method for their own operations, as well as how it could present them with opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

This report serves as a readiness guide for FIs to prepare for and embrace the new payment rail. It offers an introduction to Real-time payments and its components, technical elements, and adoption requirements. It looks at trends among North American FIs concerning current perceptions of and preparation for RTP technology, as well as barriers to adoption. Finally, it offers best practices and next steps for FIs that want to prepare their infrastructure to support RTP.

This Report Includes:

  • Current RTP Integration Trends in the Market
  • RTP Capabilities and Functionality
  • How Financial Institutions Can Prepare for RTP
  • The State of RTP Readiness

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