Medical Devices

Medical Devices: The Risks Go Beyond Security

Expert-Lead Webinar Recording – Medical Devices (Healthcare) – IT Professionals

This webinar takes a deep dive into medical device security risks and how these risks can not only cause disruptions to clinical operations but also directly impact or disrupt patient care. The expert presenters also discuss real-world examples and best practices to better understand and address medical device risk.

In many cases, medical device security is much more complicated than healthcare organizations may realize. Certainly, most providers are aware that there are currently challenges around this topic and some have even started to inventory and assess their medical devices security risks. However, while security risks are undoubtedly important, the top priority for these organizations should be patient safety. For example, just last summer, a neurosurgical center was hacked while surgeons were in the middle of performing a complex brain surgery, disabling all of the medical equipment being used to monitor the surgery. Similarly, in many healthcare organizations, recent malware attacks have caused entire cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology labs to shut down and, in some cases, even medication storage cabinets have been impacted.

Hosted by:

  • David Finn, EVP of Strategic Innovation at CynergisTek, 
  • Cory Blacketer, Information Security Consultant – Medical Device Security at CynergisTek 
  • Shankar Somasundaram, Co-Founder & CEO at Asimily

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