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“How Construction Technology is Saving Time, Money, and Jobs”



Employees once earned as they learned in construction, operating backhoes and deciphering blueprints on the fly. Even these days, workers on a construction site must think on their feet; a quick-thinking employee is a good one to have.

Still, employees don’t want to run to the trailer to check plans, or carry a laptop around in order to verify they are working off of the latest plans. Constantly revising, reprinting, and redistributing paper-based documentation is not only time consuming and costly, but almost impossible to manage. Emailing with attached spreadsheets and documents isn’t much better than a paper-based system; it slows communication and whittles profit.

Until recently, the aversion for new technologies might have been holding the industry back, but not anymore. Contractors are seeing the immediate savings they can gain by upgrading.

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