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Endpoint Device Security: Addressing the Hidden & Neglected Endpoints

4 Questions to Ask: Endpoint Device Security | The number of devices connected to a single hospital network is overwhelming. For example, a typical hospital has 10 pieces of biomedical equipment for every licensed bed – many of those are networked. All of those devices present a risk that must be managed, just like traditional workstations and servers. By 2020 it is expected there will be 200 billion+ devices connected to networks, so proper ongoing device management is business-critical.

The term ‘device’ encompasses many things, medical devices, smartphones, tablets, monitors, CCTV’s; but also printers, copiers, and fax machines. Regardless of device type, providers are challenged with implementing a management strategy to inventory and secure each one of them. Medical device and IoT security strategy should begin with a thorough understanding of all endpoint devices, including what purpose they serve, what kinds of information they possess, and the potential security risks they pose. In this webinar, security experts John Nye and David Finn will ask four simple questions that will help you assess the effectiveness of your medical device and IoT security and compliance program.

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